Black Lives Matter

17th June 2020

Black lives matterBlack Lives Matter. Racism breeds inequality, distress and hate. DAS UK is appalled by this injustice and that people have lost their lives to its malevolence – Stephen Lawrence, David Oluwale, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd to name just a few. DAS UK joins its voice with those being raised in opposition to the disregard of human rights and the monstrosities of racism, prejudice and oppression.

Our voice is also raised for all people who suffer injustices on a daily basis – LGBT, disabled, women and those disenfranchised in any way. We want to be open and encouraging of people who have never owned a business dress or a suit. To people whose parents were unemployed, along with their parents before them. To those whose families were unable to afford their children’s breakfast and used food banks to stay alive. We are aware that such inclusivity takes tolerance, understanding and patience to truly work. We want to be that employer.

We are aware that inequality presents itself in more subtle forms; keeping BAME representatives outside “the room where it happens”, disregarding their voices and marginalizing their influence. We continue to challenge ourselves to redress this balance, to remove prejudice based on skin tone, ethnicity, background or religious beliefs. We have worked to improve our culture to this end, and will continue to do so.

Our BAME employees and their representative group are tireless in their insistence of this change and we hope, one day, that DAS UK culture will be one of equality and inclusivity for all. This will not be achieved through simple statements such as this one, but through listening, remembering and acting.

Everyone deserves the same chances for living and growing that our world can offer. Where we have “been” must be remembered, but where we go from here matters more. DAS UK is committed to this future of opportunity and we truly believe Black lives do matter.