DAS UK Holdings Ltd (DAS) takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously, and as such, expects all aspects of business activity to be discharged with utmost integrity, in a socially responsible manner and to those standards expected of a regulated Firm.

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the raising of a concern, either within the workplace or externally, about a danger, risk, malpractice or wrongdoing which affects others e.g. to DAS customers, members of staff, or the general public. DAS recognises Whistleblowing as a fundamentally important process that helps a firm address a problem.

Examples of wrongdoing include but are not limited to:

  • Bribery or Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Breaches of code of conduct
  • Health and Safety breaches

Escalating misconduct

If you have concerns relating to wrongdoing or misconduct and you want to report it confidentially, the following contact details should be used:

Please note: We urge the whistleblowers to verify all information to the best of their knowledge.

Raising concerns with DAS
To raise a concern confidentially to the DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited (DAS LEI – Insurance) Compliance Department

DAS LEI Compliance contact details:

FAO DAS Compliance Department DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd
DAS House
Quay Side
Temple Back
Bristol, BS1 6NH

Email: whistleblowing@das.co.uk

To raise a concern confidentially to the DAS Law Limited (DAS Law) Compliance Department

DAS Law Compliance at the following contact details:

DAS Law Limited
Trinity Quay
2 Avon Street

Email: whistleblowing@daslaw.co.uk

Raising concerns with DAS
Raising a Whistleblowing concern direct to ERGO (DAS’ parent company)

If you feel uncomfortable reporting a Whistleblowing concern to DAS, you do have the option to report direct to ERGO (DAS’ Parent company) via the below link:

ERGO Whistleblowing portal

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