DAS wins Insurance Marketing and PR Award


On Friday we won the Customer Connectivity Award at the Insurance Marketing & PR Awards 2017 for our Customer Understanding Project.

James Henderson, Managing Director Insurance, collected the award at the ceremony in London.

Our entry focused on our research into customer understanding, use of behavioural economics, development of customer understating material and rollout with business partners.

The reduction in legal aid and increased court fees are making access to justice more difficult. Legal expenses insurance answers many of these problems, but research indicates many customers are unaware they have this cover or what it does.

Customer understanding is poor on financial products in general, but more so for add-on covers like legal expenses insurance. It is important to DAS that our customers understand and get value from their cover.

We conducted research to understand what drives awareness and understanding of LEI through the purchase process, and used pioneering behavioural insight work to develop material to maximise comprehension.

We created a Business Partner Toolkit containing products & services guides, customer sales script, and customer welcome letters. We also created animations to explain LEI in general not just specific to DAS products.

This material has been robustly tested to prove it delivers a significant improvement, and is being delivered to customers via business partners, helping them get real value from their LEI.