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Helping you survive a large loss to your business

Dealing with a large loss following a major incident such as a fire or flood is a nightmare for anyone. Should the worst happen, you will need specialist claims support to help get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Making a claim for a significant loss is often a complicated and time-consuming process, so it’s good to know you will have a dedicated expert to manage your claim from day one.

Loss Assist insurance will pay for a dedicated loss adjuster to support you through this difficult time, preparing the claim and negotiating on your behalf to make sure that any insured losses are paid fairly and on time.

What the policy provides

  • Up to £100,000 in fees for a loss adjuster
  • A visit from a dedicated professional within 24 hours of claim notification
  • Preparation, submission and negotiation of your claim
  • Updates and support throughout the claims process
  • Cover for the cost of experts such as engineers, architects, surveyors or contractors where required to prepare the claim

Update – December 2017

We have been busy carrying out a review of our Loss Assist product and the service we provide.

From our review we are confident that the product continues to represent good value for customers, providing the services of a loss adjuster to represent them when faced with a complex or large loss at their home or business.

We have also reviewed our supplier arrangements and will continue to work closely with Thompson and Bryan who will become our sole provider under this product during 2018.

We will shortly be implementing some positive changes to our internal claims processes making them more efficient and streamlined, with further improvements to the way in which this product can be arranged and managed to follow in early 2018.

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