DAS Coronavirus customer updates

Update –13 January 2021

DAS UK is continuing to follow the latest government guidance following the most recent lockdown rules that came into effect from 20 December 2020 in Wales and 5 January 2021 in England.

A primary objective is to ensure we’re able to service customer needs alongside protecting the welfare of our colleagues, so we’re delighted to remain fully operational during this time with all contact routes remaining available.

We’re really proud of the work our customer-facing teams are doing to enable us to achieve this, but the vast majority of our colleagues will be working remotely (most likely from home); therefore, please be understanding if this causes any particular challenges when you interact with us, such as unexpected background noise or, in certain cases, a longer than normal response time.

For details of the best way to contact us at this time, please check our Contacting DAS during Covid-19 page.

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Update – 1 June 2020

We have provided a further update to our Business Partner Covid-19 pages, which our customers may find of interest and which can be accessed here:

Business Partner Updates

Update – 18 May 2020

We are aware that many of our customers may be concerned that paper transactions such as post reception and ID document handling may be problematic during lockdown. DAS is currently processing its post as usual with no major delays.

Where delays may arise, we will be prioritising the processing of important personal documents such as ID materials. Again, we are not aware of any delays in this at the moment.

Finally, the vast majority of our payments processes are managed by electronic payments of various types. Where we are issuing cheques, these are being processed as normal.

DAS monitors the handling of post and the issuing of payments on an on-going basis. If you are experiencing any specific issues, please contact us using any of the ways shown on our website.

Update – 1 May 2020

We have provided a further update to our Business Partner COVID-19 pages, which our customers may find of interest and which can be accessed here:

Business Partner Updates

Update – 24 March 2020

Since our update last week we have continued to review our current response to the situation taking into account all available advice. As mentioned previously, it remains our number one priority to protect the welfare and health of our colleagues and their families during this unprecedented period, but alongside this we are also trying to continue to support our customers and business partners through these unsettling times.

As a result of these priorities we have moved to the next step of our business continuity planning and this means we have taken the decision to ask all but non-core (essential) colleagues to remain at home with immediate effect and work remotely instead wherever possible.

Most of our colleagues are now working remotely and all who are can do so safely and securely. In fact, the majority of them have been doing so already over the past couple of weeks, and therefore we’re confident they’ll be able to continue working with minimal disruption.

Only around 5% of our colleagues will remain working in our offices from today and these are key individuals who are essential to keeping our business infrastructure running by remaining on site for specific purposes.

We do anticipate there could be an impact on our usual levels of service during this time as our teams adapt to the situation and we continue to support them in doing so, therefore to support this transition period we are working closely with our existing suppliers to leverage support from them wherever we can to enable us to respond to the needs of our customers and business partners.

For further information on supply chain and business continuity, please click below:

Business Partner Updates

In terms of contacting us at the moment and in light of the above, we ask that wherever possible you use email as the best form of communication (where appropriate, please feel free to email the specific individual currently handling your case too, but bear in mind we can’t guarantee that they are currently accessing their own emails right now). You can find all relevant DAS COVID-19 contact information by following the link below.

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You will still be able to contact us by telephone but we are trying to prioritise this option for our more vulnerable customers and those that are unable to use email as a method of communication.

These are unprecedented times, but we remain committed to delivering the best possible service we can if this takes a little longer than usual right now, please bear with us. Thank you for your understanding and patience and please keep an eye out for updates on this site or our social media pages.

Update – 18 March 2020

Along with other businesses across the UK and globally, DAS UK Group has now entered a period of business continuity in response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). During this time, our primary objective is to protect the welfare and health of our colleagues, particularly those who are classed as vulnerable, whilst endeavouring to continue to respond to the needs of our customers and business partners as best as we can in these unique circumstances.

Our customer-facing teams remain operational but, as we ensure we continue to follow government guidelines around areas such as use of remote working and self-isolation, many of our teams will be disrupted by lower than usual levels of resource. Please bear with us as we try to deal with all enquiries as quickly and efficiently as we can given the circumstances. Rest assured that we will be carefully prioritising wherever possible, for example, where there are pending legal deadlines associated with your situation.

One area where we anticipate we will experience particular pressure is around our ability to respond to calls through our contact centre teams as quickly as we would ordinarily want to. This may mean that we tend to contact you more by email or other written communication methods rather than by telephone. However, there are a variety of ways that you can choose to interact with us during this time depending on the nature of your enquiry – please click the link below for details.

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